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An online boutique for parents who value style, comfort, high quality and sustainability. Our timeless, minimalistic baby apparel, with gentle tones and fashion forward designs are a curated delight. We believe that the first few years of a child’s life are truly magical, a time that deserves to be infused with the utmost joy and beauty, without compromise.

It gives us immense pleasure in helping you create special memories with your child with our dedicated apparel that caters to newborns to 4-year olds.

Renly is an enterprise of the heart and we hope to have yours through our creations.


At Renly we strive towards the dual objective of extending the joy imparted by our creations and minimizing our impact on the environment.

Hence, we promote circulating our clothing amongst siblings, friends or other children who fit the size. Alternatively, with so many children around the world living in poverty, we encourage you to donate your baby’s unwanted RENLY clothing to a family in need and play your part to increase ‘baby love’.

Going further still, we would be happy to step in to ensure that the Renly apparel that your baby might have outgrown and which will probably still be in a good condition, doesn’t land up in a landfill just yet.

If you would like to take part, simply email info@renly.ae with your full name and the number of items you would like to donate.

Renly bringing baby chic to life!!!

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